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WIlly Nilly Egg Mold

WIlly Nilly Egg Mold

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Shape Breakfast with a Naughty Twist!

Our Willy Egg Mold adds a touch of playful fun to your breakfast, allowing you to create delicious, penis-shaped eggs, pancakes, or even pizzas.

More Than Just Eggs

This nonstick mold is perfect for crafting a wide range of dishes with a hilarious, naughty twist.
Use it to prepare a giggle-inducing breakfast for a bachelorette party or wrap it up as a gag gift for someone who deserves a good laugh.

Start Your Naughty Culinary Journey!

Add a playful twist to your breakfast with the Willy Egg Mold. It's versatile, perfect for parties, safe, and easy to clean. Order now to embark on your naughty culinary journey, sure to bring laughter to the table.
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