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Roll On Wax Kit

Roll On Wax Kit

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Roll on Wax Hair Removal


1. Do not use it on damaged or burned skin.

2. After waxing, do not take a bath. You can use aloe lotion to soothe the skin.

3. After depilation, you need to wrap the rolling part of the wax box with depilatory wax paper, then cover the lid and place it upright on a flat surface. Do not lay it flat to prevent wax leakage.

4. This is a soft wax. When it is used again, the hard wax will solidify the outlet because of long-term storage. You need to unlock the wax roller to make it easier to slide.

5. If you have any allergies, please stop using it, but occasionally red spots are normal.

6. Please store in a cool and dry place, out of reach of children.

7. Not suitable for use on sagging skin.

Roller Warmer

Wax Roller Heater

After the roll-on wax heater is powered on and the LED light is on, put wax refill in the heater's and heat it for 30 minutes, Heat to a suitable wax state After observing the state of the wax, turn off the power and use it.

Roll on Wax

Two Honey Roller Wax

Soft wax rich in pure natural honey essence, Has a moisturizing skin effect, Moisturizes the skin while removing hair. Has a balanced grip on normal hair, is Suitable for all skin types, Try to use it on smooth skin, The effect will be better and can effectively reduce pain.

Non-woven hair removal wax strip

Non-woven hair removal wax strip

The non-woven paper specially invented for hair removal helps to speed up the waxing process, reduce pain, and bring you a more comfortable experience.

After Wax Treatment with Lavender Oil (Calming Oil Wipes)

After Wax Treatment with Lavender Oil (Calming Oil Wipes)

Wax is soluble in oil (fat-soluble) instead of water, so after waxing, you need to use an After Wax Treatment with Lavender Oil to remove wax residue and moisturize the skin.

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