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Neck Massager

Neck Massager

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The Ultimate Massage Pressure System

The Neck Massager is your perfect companion for getting rid of that stiff feeling in your neck after a long day behind a desk or a bad night's sleep! Get rid of knots and pain in the most effective way with our Dual Pinpoint technology.


Feel those knots go away!

Our Dual PinPoint Massager is the Ultimate handheld massaging device that targets pressure points in the body to relieve knots and stress. The TravelTopp™ Neck Massager Uses firm silicone balls which are soft to the touch and have enough pressure to create a relaxing massage. 

Relieve neck, leg, back, & shoulder pain

Boost blood flow circulation

Removing pressure from your neck allows your blood to circulate properly which leads to a decrease in sore muscles as well as increases the repair of tissue in the neck area.
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