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Jumbo Plushy Cat

Jumbo Plushy Cat

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Get the perfect gift for your significant other 🎁❤️

Our Jumbo Cat Plush is perfect for cuddles or a sleeping pillow for your bed, but it's also purrrfect for a loved one. It's an excellent gift for an upcoming birthday party or for Valentines Day. They'll grab onto this soft plushy and never want to let go!

Our plush stuffed full of lightweight and environmentally safe cotton and fabric, making it a perfect stretchy body pillow for your bed. This is perfect to come home to and cuddle after a stressful day at work!

You can choose from five different sizes and two separate colors when customizing your Jumbo Cat Plush! We have plushies just under two feet (50cm) and plushies over four feet tall!(130cm) 👇

Why choose the Jumbo Cat Plushy?

1.) Our plushies are the perfect resting companions and double as lumbar support or neck pillows.

2.) These plushies use high-quality, durable cotton that is ensured to last.

3.) If your plush needs cleaning, simply toss it into the washing machine and your cuddle buddy will come out soft and ready to play!

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