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Oil Absorbing Face Roller

Oil Absorbing Face Roller

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Protect your skin and your confidence!

The Face Roller gets rid of shine by absorbing the oil on your skin. Carefully crafted to fit any scenario, The Face Roller can fit in your bag and be used on the go.

Why Choose The Face Roller?

The FaceRoller is made with real volcanic stone that provides the skin with trace minerals. Unlike blotting papers, The Face Roller can be re-used and is very easy to clean. 

Other oil absorbing rollers are unwashable or use cheap material...The Face Roller is easy to wash and made with high quality stone!

The Face Roller can be cleaned with warm water and a small amount of soap. Let it dry overnight and then once dried, you can use it again! 

How To Clean The Face Roller:

Cleaning The Face Roller is easySimply twist the ring around the top of the roller to unlock it and pull out the stone. After that, rinse the stone with warm water and soap then air dry it overnight before placing the stone back in your Face Roller.



  • Is The Face Roller re-usable? Yes! Our FaceRoller can be re-used as many times as you want! Just make sure to wash it at the end of each day to keep it clean.


  • Does The Face Roller get dirty easily? No! If you wash your Face Roller after each use it will remain clean and healthy, even better than blotting papers!


  • Will The Face Roller ruin my makeup? No! The Face Roller is specifically designed to absorb oil without smudging any product on your skin.
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