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Electric Crepe Maker

Electric Crepe Maker

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Serve gourmet-style crepes in your own kitchen

This electric crepe maker has a non-stick surface that would make soft, delicate and delicious crepes each time. It has a large heating area that features an even round base that opens flat for griddle mode.

French Up Your Mornings

 Within just twenty seconds, the heating coils evenly radiate the heat on the surface to ensure that the crepes are properly cooked and have just the right amount of crisp. You can make many dishes like pancakes, rolls, wraps, omelets, etc or you can be creative and fashion up some of your own recipes.


Food Safe Material

The base of Electric Crepe Maker is made from die-cast aluminum that makes it a breeze to cook food on it. It is certified to be a hundred percent safe for making any kind of food and your food will retain all its nutrition as well.
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