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Croc Headlights (2 Lights)

Croc Headlights (2 Lights)

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Light Up The Night With Croc Headlights

 These innovative headlights easily attach to the front of your Crocs and provide bright, reliable illumination for all of your nighttime adventures.


Style Your Crocs!

Whether you're walking the dog, going for a late-night swim, or just need to find your way around in the dark, Croc Headlights have got you covered. With a sleek, waterproof design, these headlights are a must-have for any Crocs fan.


The ultimate accessory for your Crocs footwear!

Built to last! Made with durable aluminum material and a stable clip that prevents them from falling out easily during physical activity. These headlights won't easily fall apart and fit securely in your Crocs' holes. 

*This item does not include/will not be shipped with battery/batteries included. Compatible Battery: CR2032

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