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Cool Clip Fan

Cool Clip Fan

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If you're sick of the summer heat, relentless sun, or stuffy indoor air — CoolClip™ is for you!
💨 Stay Cool, Whenever, Wherever
🍃 Lightweight and Hands-Free
🔋 Rechargable & Lasts Up To 7 Hours
🌞 Directs Airflow for Targeted Relief

We're on a mission to make your summer more enjoyable

Not all electric fans are actually useful. We are on a journey to make personal cooling devices that actually work.

Step 1

Clip the CoolClip™ on the side of your pants or on your belt.

Step 2

Pull the shirt up and turn on the fan.

Step 3

Using the outside clip to hold the edge of the shirt, to maximize the airflow.

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